Building Design Services

Aspire professional building design services include:           

•A initial design meeting is held with information pertaining to the project site, this is to discuss the many options when first starting a design package. This also gives an idea of what the clients needs, personality traits and priorities of the project are.

•Walking the site, measuring, taking pictures and notes important data needed for the design. This is to work out the potential of the site, orientation, views, parking, driveways,  homes / buildings nearest to the site and the types of architectural style close by.

• After the site visit, through email, phone and possible meetings it is important to discuss features of the projects needs and wants, ideas and design concepts. This is laying all the pieces of the puzzle out.

•After the initial stages of the start up Aspire can give an estimate for the amount of work / hours to completion of the project.

•Discuss the fee structure which can be broken down in a few ways to meet the clients best situation. These ways may be:

-estimate quote on entire project.

-estimate quotes of each stage of the design process and working drawings.

-hourly wage with estimate of amount of hours taking place.

-when starting a project in some cases a retainer may be asked for.

•A in depth study of municipal by-laws pertaining to the site, set-backs, easements, equestrian areas, floor space ratio (FSR),  footprint ratios, heights, limiting distance, spacial separation, grand father clauses, zoning restrictions, land tittle research, and land use bylaws.

•Preparing preliminary design drawings: including site plan, floor plans, roof plans, site grading, building section,  and elevations. To help better understand the design we recommend some degree of 3d drawings / renderings / massing models.

•Meetings with the clients to review the initial design concepts and refine the preliminary design drawings. This may take several complete redraws, or simple moving / changing a few small design elements.

•Tender drawings in some cases are needed to find a contractor. These drawings are a simple form of working drawings.

•Preparing a permit package, these will be full working drawings which the home builder / contractor can work from.

•Preparing detailed construction drawings, in certain special circumstance extra detail drawings may be appropriate to help the build go more smoothly.

• Answer any questions you may have regarding the project and the terms of engaging  Aspire Custom Design Ltd.

• The commitment to work with the municipality to make the working drawings comply with the current British Columbia Building Code and will pass municipal by-law criteria for the issuance of a building permit. This is a process and sometimes there is issues the municipality will need clarification upon.

• Site review, working out details on site with contractors and consultants when asked.