Home Additions & House Renovations

House Additions Permit Plans & Home Renovation Permit Plans.

Home construction of additions and renovations.

Home additions and renovations in Victoria / Vancouver Island can be one of the most satisfying projects a homeowner can take on. As Aspire drafts, design, and produces permit drawings for home additions & Reno’s, we understand the many different variables. Costs and space tend to be some of the more important factors while deciding upon ones project. Here at Aspire Custom Designs we take great pride in saving you bucks, while at the same time creating the ultimate floor plan layouts.

Our goal is to provide home owners, contractors, trades, project managers, and other professionals with information so that they can come to the right conclusions about their home addition, renovation, design. Greater Victoria based Aspire Custom Designs will be here to help guide you and support you through this emotional, time consuming, costly, project. Our addition and renovation design / permit drawings staff is available 7 days a week to answer questions and help focus on the municipalities / cities requirements.







When designing and building a home addition in Victoria here are a few things to consider.

–       What your home project wish list is

–       Amount of space needed for you, your family, and friends

–       What your available funds are

–       What time of year you wish to start

–       Who you have that has contacts in the building field

–       Choosing the right home designer

–       Choosing the right general contractor

–       Choosign the right trades

–       What bylaws are determining your design

–       What your local zoning is

–       What servicing needs to be upgraded

–       Renovation & addition setbacks

–       Renovation & addition height restrictions

–       The amount of time the home addition and renovation will take

–       How the construction will effect your daily living

–       What your home return investment will be (Sweat equity)

–       What departments will you need to coordinate with

–       Planning

–       Building department

–       Engineering

–       Plumbing

–       Parks

–       Board of variance (when required)

–       Civil

–       Highways

Researching and detailing what you expect while working towards a finished new space can feel time consuming but is very important to the finished quality of your project.

Please feel free to contact us here at Aspire Custom Designs if you have any question of any sort. We would be more than happy to help.