About Aspire

    Aspire Custom Designs Ltd. A unique combination of innovative custom designs and practical construction practices allows us to develop exclusive, cost effective spaces that reflect ourclient’s dreams and practical needs. We are committed to creating high quality designs and developing and maintaining lasting client relationships by offering unparalleled professionaland personal service. Please see our service page of this website for more information, or email / phone us for more information.”Here at Aspire we our secure in saying we have an extremely competitive costing structure”. Our goal as a design company is to work together with you the client and make your idea’s come alive. Once the project is underway the way we like to picture a new project is kind of like a giant jig saw puzzle. We have a hand full of different shaped pieces, and as a team, efficiently, and precisely we will figure out the entire puzzle, using all the pieces.

  The first goal of Aspire is to satisfy our clients. Our desire to do interesting and beautiful work is by definition a component of that satisfaction. As a Home and Building Design Company, we focus on the creation of buildings which add beauty and utility to the experience of site both from within and without. Our buildings (their placement, orientation, layout, form, structure, and technology) aim to work closely with their topography (its material character as well as its own set of natural places), vegetation, local climate, drainage, solar characteristics, views, etc. The functionality (in terms of usable layout and appropriate material choices) and the economy of construction and aesthetics are also inherent components of this focus. From Aspire’s point of view, good architecture requires a careful knitting together of all of its multitude of aspects into a unified position which reflects the needs and desires of the end user.

Our working process is designed to remove this complexity; to raise issues and solutions so that a design can be developed carefully in partnership with our clients. It is also important to realize that as a design progresses, desires and requirements may change. It is our philosophy that if the design is not meeting our clients needs (at any time or for any reason) it must be changed as much as possible to satisfy them. As the process proceeds this naturally becomes increasingly challenging, but the client must always feel empowered to intervene and express their priorities. Aspire is committed to this kind of process. It is not only right for you the client, it is right for us. Well designed buildings can only come about in this way. The input of the whole ‘team’ (client, designer, builder, contractors, suppliers) is essential.

Aspire Custom Designs is a locally owned and run company in Victoria,  BC. Mr. Lindsay Baker is the Owner, President, Architectural Building Technologist and Head Building Designer of Aspire Custom Designs. Lindsay created Aspire as a small business in the summer of 2008. Here at Aspire it is extremely important to us to remain as honest, transparent, and dependable as possible. Aspire was incorporated Sept 01 2009 in British Columbia.  # BC0860314. Aspire is presently run from a home office located at 1060 Lodge Ave Victoria BC. Aspire Custom Designs has a Saanich, BC Business Licence # 11598. Aspire Custom Designs HST # 849463658

Mr. Lindsay Baker introduces Aspire Custom Designs, 2009